Vinnare i Tilde Frölings matutmaning

Nu har juryn utsett de tre vinnarna som får åka till Hongkong och testa kycklingfötter, stinkande tofu eller andra smarriga delikatesser.

Vinnarna kommer även att meddelas via e-post och prisutdelning sker i Stockholm i slutet av januari. Detaljer kommer inom kort. 

Vinnare och deras motiveringar (översatta till engelska): 

Inga Karin Birgitta Svensson

Five days is not enough for a Hong Kong culinary trip to try so many dishes. I want to try deep fried fish skins and chicken feet or  peanuts waffle and mango mochi for dessert. If you want something new, maybe the tripe in curry. The Michelin restaurant inside the MTR station can satisfy your hunger before you take the next train. It is exciting to try many dishes, but if you are hungry, you should try Shredded Tofu and Kimchi Cup, and feel like having main course of Chinese food. After a few days with many different kinds of Chinese food to filled up the stomachs, we need some activities. Ocean Park, Disneyland and fishing village is in our plan, to explore another part of Hong Kong, to travel around with MTR Tourist Card and make sure we can save time. Please give us the best wish in the future, or perhaps a culinary journey with the MTR.

Tova Hanna Wetteroe

Michelin drumstick! It is the perfect blend of fine and “take-what-you-have-home / must-go-to-taste” food culture.
There is so much that makes Michelin chicken legs to the ultimate experience:
(1) This is a Michelin restaurant - that is extremely good food!
(2) The drumstick - for me as Swedish is very exotic and fun to try
(3) It is in a subway - just sounds like an absolutely amazing experience
(4) No dress code! - Because who really has a ball gown and tuxedo during a trip?
(5) It is guaranteed to be easy to get there using the MTR - me and my boyfriend have previous trip experience that spending hours to search for a restaurant (although different mapping systems in our phones). MTR has now made it impossible for us not to find this restaurant - perfect for us scatterbrain! The whole thing is a win-win-win-win-win situation! Which makes it kind of funny that it's also a win situation that I also have to win for it to enter - that is a win-win-win-win-win-win situation! I keep my fingers crossed that it comes true.

Thomas Björksund

When I saw that tofu swishing by I wanted to taste it freshly fried. A piece of food for which I would gladly die. I felt how my mouth started to drool, but I will try to play it cool. To find Hong Kong’s real food jewel, I just want to get there on a plane to fly, but Hong Kong is so far away but I shall at least try, to see if any of the food will come to a tie.I have no idea how slow the flight would time. All I know is if the plane was operated by MTR, it would respect the paradigm. But now I will stall no further, but explain how to win this competition with a well written rhyme. Anyways the stage would be set, I will try to make this work without a sweat: “I know so little about Hong Kong's food legacy, but I know it would give me a food pregnancy.” “I love food in all its shapes and forms, so please help me break Swedens food norms.” “Potatoes and meatballs in all its glory, but Hong Kong's food must be quite of a story”. “A tale for me to tell my family and friends that MTR they are always on time until the world ends!”

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